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Wednesday, 16 September 2020

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Friday, 8 May 2020

Love Quest 2

It is this conundrum that began to consume Obad, one that he knew he had to resolve soon.

He laid strewn across his single wooden based bed as he his thoughts raced away, he dozed off and awoke to the Sunday morning and emerged bathed in an intensity of sunshine so powerful that its rays blinded him as he levered open one of his shut eyelids.  The crimson rays of the sun streaked through the gaps of the curtain drapes that afforded his bedroom privacy. In the University apportioned guesthouse suite where he made abode due to the delays in obtaining a University flat.

Fleeting thoughts crossed his mind of how much richer his life and other endeavours might be with a companion at his side. He also felt that taking a lass as a wife may reduce or eliminate unwarranted interests from the ladies.  He then resolved that he would be intentional in escalating his friendship with the lasses to beyond the platonic. But he desired to commit all to God’s hands, he believed that his end and beginning had to be in God’s will and a momentous step like this could not be contemplated with out a spot of prayer and fasting. 

He set aside a day of the week for regular prayer and fasting, it would contain reflection and times of listening.  It was while he was resolving all these he came across a Whatsapp message from an old female colleague, they had been classmates in the University. Kemi, a tall, elegant lady, bathed in chocolaty complexion. 

Her face was dominated by very prominent and sultry eyes with a wide smile capable of subduing the most resistant of men. She was regal in appearance and quite astute. She had made her home in Lagos and never really settled down to marriage. At University she was platonically acquainted with Obad with no hint of the romantic, but they got on well.  She was now the Director of Public Prosecutions, Lagos and by a canny coincidence she had began to feel bereft and thought to herself that all work and no play was beginning to make her a dull lass.